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(ir)rational fear

In a few hours, I’m walking back into the mammogram clinic to find out if my life will change forever. It sounds dramatic.  It feels somewhat less dramatic. I’m embarrassed to take it too seriously, and afraid to not take … Continue reading

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writing out of the blue

I’m in a rut. It happens sometimes, as I’m sure it happens to everyone. Change in habits, change in season, something, and then we pass through a period where getting up and slogging through the day seems like more work … Continue reading

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timbits and patience

There is a scrap of paper that I’ve been keeping hidden in the zippered pocket of my purse for well over a year now.  On it is written the beginnings of a blog post that never got finished:   Every … Continue reading

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sometimes losing is winning

You hear warnings about it all the time:  your virtual self really never does go away.  In my case maybe that’s not a bad thing.  After being gone for over a year, I can conjure up my old self with … Continue reading

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argh. no, i’m not a pirate; just argh.

Yes, I vowed to post more. I vowed to tell my husband about my blog, and to make the time for it and to enjoy it and do it well. I generally hate making excuses for myself, but this time … Continue reading

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I don’t generally bring a lot of souvenirs home from a vacation, especially when I’m in the south.  I hate bargaining with vendors, and for the most part, nothing they sell is particularly unique (and I suspect most of it … Continue reading

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maybe this time

I’m back on the road. It’s a long road, to be sure, and one that is mostly unfamiliar to me, but when I was getting dressed this morning I looked down and saw that my foot had moved itself across the … Continue reading

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