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writing out of the blue

I’m in a rut. It happens sometimes, as I’m sure it happens to everyone. Change in habits, change in season, something, and then we pass through a period where getting up and slogging through the day seems like more work … Continue reading

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I had been working on a post for a few days, and finally yesterday I was ready to publish. I usually compose my posts in another platform and then when I’m ready to publish I copy & paste them into … Continue reading

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sometimes losing is winning

You hear warnings about it all the time:  your virtual self really never does go away.  In my case maybe that’s not a bad thing.  After being gone for over a year, I can conjure up my old self with … Continue reading

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dear gee

Dear Gee; I have a blog. Did you know? Suspect?  Sometimes when you’ve been on my computer, I wonder if I’ve been lazy about logging out of WordPress, and if you have found my blog when looking for your (legitimate and … Continue reading

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on the threshold, peeking in

I started my blog partly out of curiosity, partly out of vanity.  I had been reading a few blogs – the regular ones, the popular ones – and thought that I just might be able to do it too.  Cautiously, gingerly, … Continue reading

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when the words come back

One of the best university professors I ever had refused to accept the excuse that his students didn’t have time to finish an assignment. “Peole don’t have time;” he would say, “we make time”. Words to live by, ever since.  So … Continue reading

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tap tap tap…this thing on? I’m still here.  Or, rather, I’m back.  Gee and I just returned from a week in the Dominican Republic.  From 32 degrees celcius to minus-9 in a mere 4 hours.  Yikes. We had an wonderful, relaxing, lazy, lazy … Continue reading

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