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manifesto (stream of consciousness)

Moins.  Mieux.  Or else just mieux. Focus.  Make a list.  Actually refer to it.  Do the things on it and check them off. Do one thing at a time.  Do it better.  Finish it. Focus.  Make a plan, but mean … Continue reading

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(ir)rational fear

In a few hours, I’m walking back into the mammogram clinic to find out if my life will change forever. It sounds dramatic.  It feels somewhat less dramatic. I’m embarrassed to take it too seriously, and afraid to not take … Continue reading

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The natural thing to do of course, is to write a post about your birthday. I wasn’t going to; it seemed sort of unimaginative and self-indulgent, not unlike the Facebook posts wishing happy birthday to infants and family pets.  Tee … Continue reading

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and where the hell am I?

Uncle Roy died last night.  He was a hundred and four. Roy and his wife didn’t have any children of their own, but he loved his nieces and nephews as much as any dad loves his kids.  My father is one … Continue reading

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party time and silly fretting

Sometimes (okay, oftentimes) I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I decided to have kids. I don’t seem to really have the guts for it. In fact, I don’t guess that I really decided; it was just something … Continue reading

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a good childhood

Gramma and Grampa are coming down from Vancouver to spend Thanksgiving with us.  They are in the little Beetle hatchback, beige or pale blue with a crocheted afghan on the back seat, Scottie (and before her, Maggie) snuggled in on … Continue reading

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writing out of the blue

I’m in a rut. It happens sometimes, as I’m sure it happens to everyone. Change in habits, change in season, something, and then we pass through a period where getting up and slogging through the day seems like more work … Continue reading

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