I started reading a few blogs recently. Fine, well-crafted works from (mostly) women with incredible skills for twisting and turning the English language into stories that are almost poetry, really, but mostly stories.  And I wanted to be one of them.  All my thoughts were coming out in the form of potential blog posts, and despite better judgement, I wanted to try my hand at it.  I wouldn’t care if nobody read it…it would be for me, maybe for my children one day, and if, by chance, someone stumbled upon it, and if, by chance that body found something entertaining, or useful or interesting about it, well, that would just be icing on my little cupcake.

This blog was born with another name, but this fits me better.  I’m pretty beige:  I’m not a professional writer; I don’t have (thank all that is good in nature) a debilitating disease or critically ill child; I don’t have a toxic family history.  In fact I lead a pretty normal, suburban life.  Beige.

Thing is, I like beige.  Ask me what my favourite colours are – for cars, or rooms or most of my clothing, and I will offer up that I would be happy with, say, taupe.  Or beige.  Or taupy-beige.

The same is true of my life.  Leave the drama to the other mamas.  I’ll take my 2 mostly-well-behaved little girls, and my dependable, loyal husband any day.

* * * *

I am a forty-something working mom from Ottawa Ontario, who will always be a Kootenay Girl at heart.  I love BC, from the Rockies to the Pacific and everywhere in between, but I love my husband, Gee, more.  I met him while on vacation in Mexico in the year 2000, and moved across the country to start our life together a year later.  He has adopted my home province for his own, and we get back as often as we can.

We have two daughters, who drive us crazy and bring all kinds of light into our lives.  Here they are Dee (who is 9 now) and Tee (who is almost 8).  They are best friends and mortal enemies and pretty much all kinds of amazing.

I work full time in a regular office job.  Some people live to work and others work to live.  No matter what job I had, I would always find myself in the second category, and given that, my current gig is pretty good.


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  1. Leia says:

    Hey – you had commented on my blog about maternity leave, and I don’t have your e-mail addy! MOST women in the US get no paid maternity leave. Teachers usually get about 6 weeks paid, but most places will simply hold your job for up to 12 weeks, unpaid. It really sucks. You Canadians have it great! My newest daycare baby will start at 8 weeks or so. They usually start at 6 weeks here, but this mommy is a teacher and has an extra 2 weeks for holidays this time of year that don’t count towards her 6 weeks.

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