manifesto (stream of consciousness)

Moins.  Mieux.  Or else just mieux.

Focus.  Make a list.  Actually refer to it.  Do the things on it and check them off.

Do one thing at a time.  Do it better.  Finish it.

Focus.  Make a plan, but mean it.  Then do it.

Be a better employee.  Use your intelligence.  Make the most of time and talent.

Focus.  Set goals.  Work, head down, to accomplish them.  Stop looking for diversions.  Be a star, or earn one.

Close the internet.  Turn off the TV.  Choose the way you use time, rather than letting time use you.

Understand that cleaning house is not the default action in life.

Learn to knit, take a walk.  Write.

Read a magazine.  Give yourself time to do nothing, and then revel in the nothingness.

Construct a sanctuary somewhere, even if it is only in your mind.  Then go there and actively recharge.

Dress better for things that don’t matter.

Control what you can, and release what you cannot.

Reject regret.  Rather, make choices that leave no place for it.

Love your husband.  Show him.  Show him better.

Love your children.  Harder.  Make them know how hard you love them.  Every day.

Love yourself.  You are worthy.

(That last one is tricky.)

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