I had been working on a post for a few days, and finally yesterday I was ready to publish.

I usually compose my posts in another platform and then when I’m ready to publish I copy & paste them into WordPress.

Only this time I did Ctrl-X instead of Ctrl-C.  I was in a hurry.  I was distracted.   I had some trouble getting the post to preview in WordPress.  Something else required my attention for the briefest of moments…during which I put something else on my clipboard.

Original clipboard contents:  gone.

WordPress:  no record of post.

Document in original platform:  autosaved (without the content).

Ctrl-Z to bring back the missing text:  fail.

And now I’m struggling just a little bit about whether to start over or just screw it all and move on.


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One Response to malfunction

  1. I hate when this happens! Sometimes in a “second draft” you end up reflecting on things you didn’t the first time and it is a blessing in disguise— but in the mean time, it just really stinks.
    Good luck!

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