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timbits and patience

There is a scrap of paper that I’ve been keeping hidden in the zippered pocket of my purse for well over a year now.  On it is written the beginnings of a blog post that never got finished:   Every … Continue reading

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I had been working on a post for a few days, and finally yesterday I was ready to publish. I usually compose my posts in another platform and then when I’m ready to publish I copy & paste them into … Continue reading

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agglomerate (n): a jumbled mass or collection of something

Tee got new bedroom furniture yesterday.  She and her sister are away at their grandparents’ for the week, and I can’t wait to see her reaction when she gets home to see the mini-makeover in her room.   I’ve been stalking … Continue reading

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nana banana

My Nana died 7 years ago yesterday.  At least, I think it was yesterday.  I’m much better at birthdays than I am at deathdays.   I feel as though I should have reached out to my mom, let her know I … Continue reading

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doorbells in the night

One October night in 1985, while I was on the other side of the country dancing or playing basketball or walking around the quad stalking Andrew Whatshisname’s dorm, there was a knock at the door of my husband’s home. He … Continue reading

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sometimes losing is winning

You hear warnings about it all the time:  your virtual self really never does go away.  In my case maybe that’s not a bad thing.  After being gone for over a year, I can conjure up my old self with … Continue reading

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