The monsters always retreat when the sun rises.

Tee woke up poorly this morning, clearly ill.  I seriously debated cancelling the party, but couldn’t bear the thought of breaking 7 tiny hearts.  Luckily, with enough of the Tylenol/Advil cocktail and a good lot of distraction, she came completely around and had a blast with her friends.

Dee came home from her sleepover, still red and rashy, but also glowing in a different, better way.  She was so happy to have spent the night with her friend, happy to be back home, and happy to be the ‘big sister’ and help me out with the younger kids.  Just seeing her was a huge relief; I knew that whatever it is that she has is not dangerous and certainly not horrible, and I was relieved and grateful beyond belief.

The monsters have been beaten back into the shadows by the weak winter sunshine and the laughter of children, and all is well again in my world.

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