when the words come back

One of the best university professors I ever had refused to accept the excuse that his students didn’t have time to finish an assignment.

“Peole don’t have time;” he would say, “we make time”.

Words to live by, ever since. 

So it would be wrong of me to suggest that I’ve been neglecting my blog because I don’t have time.  I have the same 24 hours in a day as everybody else.

It would also be wrong to say that I’ve been lacking inspiration.  Lots of ideas have flitted through my head at various moments over the last 3 (three!) weeks, and I’ve got a few drafts of different stuff floating around.

What seems to be missing are those rare moments where available time and inspiration have a chance to sneak off together for a few precious minutes to flirt, steal a kiss, maybe roll in the hay a little.

I’m hoping that will happen soon.

But for today, a rare segment of Grace in Small Things:

1.  The sun waking up before I do.

2.  A night free of coughing.

3.  Dee’s new bangs, and the spirit that came with them.

4.  Stable jobs, and salaries that took us on a mini-vacation to New York state this weekend.

5.  Coming home to scatters of blood-red tulips, pushing through the grass.

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One Response to when the words come back

  1. Leia says:

    I have a hard time thinking of things, that are not kid-related, to blog about. I’ll have to agree that the tulips are just lovely right now though! 🙂

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