tap tap tap…this thing on?

I’m still here.  Or, rather, I’m back.  Gee and I just returned from a week in the Dominican Republic.  From 32 degrees celcius to minus-9 in a mere 4 hours.  Yikes.

We had an wonderful, relaxing, lazy, lazy time, just the two of us.  We returned to happy children and grateful grandparents, who did more than tolerate their duty as guardians, but rather truly enjoyed it, revelled in it, and we couldn’t be happier.

I have lots of ideas in my head, lots of stories that are hoping to be told, but unfortunately I also have a ton of sandy, stinky laundry, kids who can’t get enough of me (I’m drinking it in, better than any pina colada at any swim-up bar), and a presentation to deliver at 9:00 this morning.

The stories will have to wait just a little longer before they can come out to play.

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3 Responses to hola!

  1. Leia says:

    Oh that sounds like a great time! You are so lucky to have parents that you trust with your kids for that long! I can’t wait to hear your stories!

    • kootnygirl says:

      Leia, this is the first time since our honeymoon that we’ve been away without the kids. Although we trust both sets of parents (you’re right – we’re lucky for that), my folks live on the West Coast, and his are in Montreal, and have never offered to stay with the kids. It makes me sad when I see Grandparents who are always asking to have the kids for sleepovers etc., but this is our reality. We made the most of it 🙂

  2. ironicmom says:

    I hear ya. My husband and I have been away alone one time in the 5.5 years we’ve had children. That was to a friend’s wedding for 4 nights in rural Virginia. It ranks up there as the best weekend of our life. But we still yearn for more of it…Somehow it’s not really part of the culture of either of our extended families. Maybe we need to be more proactive.

    Glad to hear your vacation away (and return) was great.

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