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i’ll get right on that

I had a crazy-awesome weekend.  Not awesome in the sense that I went to a fabulous party, or saw a great show, or volunteered at the SPCA (which would have all been really awesome things to do, and I should … Continue reading

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maybe this time

I’m back on the road. It’s a long road, to be sure, and one that is mostly unfamiliar to me, but when I was getting dressed this morning I looked down and saw that my foot had moved itself across the … Continue reading

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sometimes it’s hard to breathe

(I’m okay.  I wrote this post back on my bad weekend, but didn’t publish it.  But, since this is my place, and I’m trying to stay honest, and since there’s been a whole lot of crickets on this site lately, I decided … Continue reading

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the moment of truth

Gee will be home in the wee hours tonight.  Do I tell him that I just had one of the most miserable weekends of my life, and make him worry about my well-being and (unnecessarily) the well-being of his children … Continue reading

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different scars, but scars nonetheless

Once, when Dee was about two and a half, I lost it all over her.  It escalated to the point where I was screaming at her so loud that Gee could hear me from outside.  I forget what it was … Continue reading

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to sleep, perchance to dream

I have an aunt and uncle who always slept in separate bedrooms.  Growing up, we thought it was strange, but my parents explained it was because Auntie P liked to read in bed, and Uncle G wanted the lights out … Continue reading

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