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I was really happy about Christmas this year.  I made a point of decorating early and staying organized so that I would be able to sit back and enjoy it.  And I was doing a pretty good job of it … Continue reading

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and now, christmas

The work is done.  The weeks and weeks of shopping and cooking and running and planning.  It starts in early November in preparation for Tee’s birthday, and continues right up until, well until today. The last-minute things were picked up … Continue reading

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dreaming of greener christmases

In my dream, it is December 24th, the clock inching toward 4 pm.  I haven’t purchased a single gift.  I no longer live in Ottawa, but am suddenly back in my tiny home town; the little strip mall is completely … Continue reading

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snow and a memory

I’m at work, and the snow is coming down, fierce and unrelenting, outside. He drifts again into my thoughts, as he does so often at times like this. A flicker of a memory, made romantic over time, of a 17-year-old … Continue reading

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tis the season for regifting, 2009-style

I’m not a shopper.  I am antithetically female in the sense that a day shopping comes nowhere close to nirvana for me.  Shoe addiction?  Forget it.  I have 3 pairs of loafers (2 black, one brown) and a handful of pairs … Continue reading

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five reasons why I don’t mind staying at home with a sick five-year-old

Because her favourite meal in the whole world is canned letter-shaped noodles in tomato sauce, which she calls “Elf spaghetti”. Because I get to find out what I do for a living, in her mind:  “Print stuff out and go … Continue reading

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