not hungry much

So you know how some days, when the kids are in school, and by some stroke of luck you don’t have to work and your husband has a game that night so nothing to do during the day, so you go out for a big, late lunch together because you never get a date together any other way?  And you know how on those days, you stuff yourself beyond reason and have no further intention to eat for, like, three decades?  But you still have to cook something because there is some rule, somewhere that maybe doesn’t order, but still strongly suggests that you feed your kids?

That’s kind of how I’m feeling about this little blog right now.  I’m not the least bit hungry – in fact, the idea of food makes me gag just a little, and yet I feel obliged to feed the blog, since I created it and all.  I’m not sure why I feel stuffed to the gills, but right now, feeding the blog seems like too much of an obligation, not enough of a pleasure.  And feeding (or consuming) should be pleasurable, no? 

It’s times like this I’m really glad nobody really reads me, because I know how much it drives me crazy when I sit down to my computer in the morning to cruise my blogroll, and nobody has written anything new, again.  (Ahem, Canada Mom’s Blog?  I’m talking to YOU!  Okay, I’m talking to myself, but I just as easily could be talking to you.  Hey, at least I’m talking…but maybe that’s not a good thing.)

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3 Responses to not hungry much

  1. Leia says:

    I get that feeling! Sometimes the blog is just for my own therapy, and other times, I’d really like the feedback. You never know who is reading and just not commenting…well I’m reading! 😉

  2. kootnygirl says:

    Oh no!!! Pressure (wink).

    Thanks Leia.

  3. Maria says:

    sometimes it is helpful to step back from the blog and rest until you feel it’s pull again. It helps.

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