how the internet can make you care

Three days ago I was lamenting and reflecting on my forty-two years.

Today, I learn that a fellow blogger, Anissa, had a stroke yesterday.

I don’t know Anissa in real life. I read her brain-child, Aiming Low, from time to time, and it lifts me up to know that not every mother is perfect.

A stroke. It doesn’t make any sense. Anissa is a young woman. She has a husband, and three children. She battled as her baby battled (and is winning) against cancer. And now she is lying in a bed in an intensive care unit in Atlanta, battling for herself.

If anyone is reading this right now, send a good wish her way, and then remind yourself to protect and preserve the things that really matter to you, and let the little shit go.

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One Response to how the internet can make you care

  1. Leia says:

    I had not seen that website before, but I’ll be sending healthy thoughts out to her tonight. I agree – it’s funny how you get pulled into other people’s lives. People you don’t really ‘know’ 🙂

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