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happy thanksgiving to my neighbours to the south

Today, on American Thanksgiving, I find myself pondering the idea of tradition. All week, various women bloggers have been recounting their menus, their schedules, their customs, and I am left to reflect on my own Thanksgiving last month, when we… … Continue reading

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not hungry much

So you know how some days, when the kids are in school, and by some stroke of luck you don’t have to work and your husband has a game that night so nothing to do during the day, so you … Continue reading

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how the internet can make you care

Three days ago I was lamenting and reflecting on my forty-two years. Today, I learn that a fellow blogger, Anissa, had a stroke yesterday. I don’t know Anissa in real life. I read her brain-child, Aiming Low, from time to … Continue reading

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new year’s resolution

Today is my birthday (yay me and all that).  So this is my new year.  My year to re-evaluate my life and set goals and make the changes that have just been lying around waiting for me to make them.  … Continue reading

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Some days I just want to freaking give up.  I’m so damn sick of asking, negotiating, yelling, screaming, slamming things around.  I’m sick of wondering if I’m scarring my kids for life for asking them, seriously, WHAT DID YOU THINK … Continue reading

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You’ve heard the story many times, how you came into this world quickly, deep in the night five years ago. How you couldn’t wait to get out, how Daddy ran every red light between here and Montfort and how even … Continue reading

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what the hell was I thinking?

There are eight 5-year-olds coming to my house tomorrow, for a craft, lots of free play, pogos & fries (and hopefully a vegetable) cake and a pinata. What the hell was I thinking? Well, for one thing, I was thinking that … Continue reading

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