I will (not) follow

Everyone is talking about it.  Everyone has it, blogs about it, does it, but I just don’t get it.  I’m not afraid to admit it, either:


I don’t understand why there is a need for the constant banter – the quick tweets from meetings or sporting events, the one-liners back and forth between people who hardly know each other, or, more often, don’t know each other at all. 

Nor do I understand the mechanics of Twitter.  I’ve read a couple of blog posts that say, ‘you can see what happened during my [insert traumatic episode here] on Twitter’, with a link.  But when I click the link, I am only assaulted by pages of @somebodies and random inside jokes of which I am clearly on the outside.  I couldn’t follow the story if it was leaving a bread crumb trail.

But what I don’t get, most of all, is why so many otherwise really intelligent-seeming people are caught up in this phenomenon.  I truly believed that Twitter would be the interwebz equivalent of the Commodore 64:  a big rage for a few months, before it faded away into oblivion.  Why is it still here?  What is the appeal?  Who has TIME or energy to tweet every mundane detail of their lives, and why would they want to?

Why do we seem to be so afraid of stillness?

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One Response to I will (not) follow

  1. Lorraina says:

    i don’t get twitter or Facebook. On Twitter maybe i befriended many friends Now when i go there its full of Dr. Phil and alot of celebrities i thought i’d like to see; Oprah, Tila Tiquila, Jessica etc. But its all generic and i know they’re not talking to me. The first thing i did was say happy birthday to Robin seeing as how it was her bd. But then so did millions. Now every time i go there i see my happy bd song to her.
    Thats why i’m wondering; was i supposed to go to HER page to leave a happy bd on her wall? I dont see a wall…..
    Anyway i finally unsubbed from the whole bunch; it was just too boring and i didnt think i’d ever understand what i was supposed to do there.
    Ditto Facebook. Theres no instructions. So i see a friend and i say hi how’re ya doing in the little thingy that says “write something here” ? I get no reply. Was i at my own faceback page or was i supposed to go to her page to speak with her?
    How can any of this stuff be of any interest to anyone? Its like they got a little toy to play with and they’ll enter in stupid little remarks that they want you to respond to somehow. Where is this stupid wall they talk about? I hate it because i dont see anybody actually doing what everybody thinks is such a big deal. Or they ask if i’d like to plow their field….uhhhh, i dont think so,i’m no farmer and anyhow i’m in the city.

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