for kgirl and kyooty

I’ve been cruising blogs for a while now.  One of my favourites is Canada Moms Blog, where a number of highly interesting, talented and funny women write posts on all matters of parenting and being a woman, and life in general. 

I read over there, and comment every so often, with my cryptic screen name.  Not that anyone would know who I am if I used my real name, but for some reason it feels appropriate to be the cyber-me when I add my name to a comment on a blog.

So as I said, there are a lot of cool-seeming women who participate as part of the Canada Moms blogging community, two of whom, kgirl and kyooty have pretty interesting blogs of their own.

Every time I type my own screen name on that site, the incredibly insecure thirteen-going-on-forty-two year old in me feels like I’m ripping them off, either individually or collectively, trying to steal their thunder by using a name that is ever so close to theirs.

And then, to make matter worse, these women have read my little, self-indulgent blog.  And commented.  My only comments to date (THANK YOU, LADIES!!).  So I’ve been wanting to set the record straight.

I started calling myself Kootnygirl about 4 1/2 years ago, when I was posting fairly regularly on a Mommy chat board.  Up until then I had been known as D&TsMommy or something like that, but some strange shit started going on over there, and I got freaked out about using my kids’ real names in my screen ID.  So I tried to come up with something that was meaningful to me, without being too tied up in my Mommy-ness.  As I say in my hastily prepared About page, I grew up in the Kootenays in BC, and if you’ve ever spent any time there, you know it is a place that doesn’t leave your system easily.  Even though I live in Ontario now, I will always be a Kootenay girl at heart.  Except some bimbo had already taken the name “Kootenay Girl” so I had to bastardize the spelling, because by then I had grown attached to my soon-to-be  name.

When I started my blog, it seemed to make sense to use the same name…at the time I didn’t know that kyooty or kgirl existed.

So that’s it, ladies.  I apologize for trodding on your territory, and I hope that if you ever even notice, it won’t bother you too much.

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