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for kgirl and kyooty

I’ve been cruising blogs for a while now.  One of my favourites is Canada Moms Blog, where a number of highly interesting, talented and funny women write posts on all matters of parenting and being a woman, and life in general.  … Continue reading

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Twenty minutes ago = one of those moments where you discover that you didn’t realize how much you wanted something until you can no longer have it. I applied on a whim.  It seemed like destiny.  I wasn’t even looking … Continue reading

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poor Leah

I think it is fair to suggest that every woman (with the possible exception of orphans) has experienced that horrifying moment of OHGODI’mBecomingMyMother!!!  I freely admit that I have those moments on pretty much a weekly basis. (Love my mom and all … Continue reading

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weekend at the lake

In my dream, I am sitting on my sunny screen porch, shiny new netbook resting on my bare knees, with a cold glass of lemon-tea sitting beside me.  I pause from my writing to look out the window, down to the … Continue reading

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pep talk

Go to the gym.  Go to the gym. Love yourself enough to get off your ass and go to the gym, girl.   Stop talking about making positive changes in your life, and start actually doing it. Take advantage of this … Continue reading

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put on a happy face

I’ve been on my own with the girls for a few days, so maybe it’s easy for me to get where I’m at right now, but tonight, a stupid show on tv – a show I never watch, but keenly … Continue reading

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payday blues

Oh crap, it’s payday. Normally payday makes me happy, even though I never actually lay eyes on said pay (one fairly sizable auto-deposit followed by a series of pre-arranged transfers and debits, including an on-line payment to the credit card … Continue reading

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