hello world!

It’s me again.  Still.

I started this blog thing with another name, but this fits me better.  I must admit I’m pretty beige – I’m not a professional writer, I don’t have (thank all that is good in nature) a debilitating disease or critically ill child, and I lead a pretty normal, suburban life.  Beige.

Thing is, I like beige.  Ask me what my favourite colours are – for cars, or rooms or most of my clothing, and I will offer up that I would be happy with, say, taupe.  Or beige.  Or taupy-beige. 

The same is true of my life.  Leave the drama to the other mamas.  I’ll take my 2 mostly-well-behaved little girls, and my dependable, loyal husband any day.

For continuity, I’ll post the whopping three!! entries that I started on my old (yawn) blog, and hopefully keep going from here.


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