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shaken, and stirred

I’m feeling a little unsteady right now. I learned very recently that one of my best friends is staring at the end of her marriage. They are *that* couple: maybe not perfect, but perfectly happy. Solid. Share the same morals. … Continue reading

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blogging in a hurry

Here I go, sneaking around again. My kids are outside in the wading pool. Yack! Yes, the wading pool. Alone. I’m okay with that, even though I know not everyone would be. Or maybe its not such a big deal. … Continue reading

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this is harder than I thought it would be

But then, aren’t most things? I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. Fine, well-crafted works from (mostly) women with incredible skills for twisting and turning the English language into stories that are almost poetry, really, but mostly stories. And … Continue reading

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it starts with Love

A love of my family. A love, long repressed, of writing. This blog starts with love. Where will it go? How long will it last? I’m not sure; I’m not worried. For now, it just feels good to start.

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hello world!

It’s me again.  Still. I started this blog thing with another name, but this fits me better.  I must admit I’m pretty beige – I’m not a professional writer, I don’t have (thank all that is good in nature) a … Continue reading

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